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The Graduate Council is the constituency body that represents the University Graduate Faculty in the determination of policies regarding graduate education and research activities within the University.

The Graduate Council has 25 graduate faculty members (representatives are elected from each college), 5 student members (appointed by the Graduate & Professional Student Council), and 4 ex-officio members. Also participating in Monthly Graduate Council meetings are representatives of other constituency groups, including the Faculty Senate, AP Council, Emeritus Faculty Organization, and the Dean’s Council. Each graduate faculty on the Council serves a 3-year term of office.

The members annually elect a chairperson. The chairman for the 2013-2014 Graduate Council is Dr. Carl Flowers, College of Education and Human Services; and the vice-chair is Dr. Craig Anz, College of Applied Sciences & Arts.

The next meeting of the Graduate Council is Thursday, May 1, 2014 in the Student Services Building, Room 150-160.

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