2010-11 Committees

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Educational Policies 
Susan Ford (Chair) Liberal Arts
Eileen Meehan Mass Communication
Ryan Netzley Liberal Arts
Elyse Pineau Liberal Arts
Keith Waugh Education & Human Services
Claudette Henderson GPSC

New Programs 
Holly Hurlburt (Chair) Liberal Arts
Paul McGreal Law
Pamela Smoot Liberal Arts
Matthew Whiles Science
Tomasz Wiltowski Engineering
Joe Moore GPSC

Program Review 
Kimberly Leonard (Chair) Education and Human Services
Amer AbuGhazaleh Agricultural Sciences
John Dobbins Applied Sciences & Arts
Jodi Huggenvick School of Medicine
Kimberly Kempf-Leonard Liberal Arts
Leslie Lloyd Applied Sciences & Arts
Matthew McCarroll Science
Mark Peterson Business & Administration
Nicholas Hoffman GPSC

Sara Baer (Chair) Science
Najjar Abdul-Musawwir Liberal Arts
Judith Davie School of Medicine
Manoj Mohanty Engineering
Bryan Young Agricultural Sciences
Michelle Hook Dewey GPSC