2011-12 Committees

Main Content

Educational Policies 
Ryan Netzley (Chair) Liberal Arts
Christopher Behan Law School
Scott Collins Applied Science & Arts
John Groniger Agricultural Sciences
Travis Pour Business (GPSC)
Matthew Whiles Science

New Programs 
Holly Hurlburt (Chair) Liberal Arts
Carl Flowers Education & Human Services
Costantine Hatziadoniu Engineering
Kathy Hytten Education & Human Services
Levi Jost Liberal Arts (GPSC)
Suresh Tadisina Business

Program Review 
Jodi Huggenvik (Chair) School of Medicine
John Dobbins Applied Science & Arts
Katherine Frith Mass Communication
Manoj Mohanty Engineering
Monica Newby Education & Human Services (GPSC)
Pamela Smoot Liberal Arts

Sara Baer (Chair) Science
Najjar Abdul-Musawwir Liberal Arts
Judith Davie School of Medicine
Mohammad Hossain Mass Communication (GPSC)
Matthew McCarroll Science
Wanki Moon Agriculture Sciences
Keith Waugh Education & Human Services